Leigh Lesho with special guest Jacob Acosta

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Hotel Congress Plaza Stage, 311 E Congress Street, Tucson, AZ 85701


All Ages Welcome

—LEIGH LESHO—Folk-inspired singer-songwriter Leigh Lesho is a storyteller and a visionary, leading us to find and treasure our voice, our path, and our joy in a world riddled with suffering. Born of a winding cosmic calling and a deep reverence for sound as a link to the divine, her music is not breathtaking, but giving, casting healing spells and bringing its listeners to life. Encompassing a wide range of genres from folk-rock to americana and alt-country and a voice that demands attention, Leigh’s lyric-driven work is reminiscent of legends like Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, Joan Baez, and her muse, Tori Amos. The haunting melodies of the desert invoke a familiar backdrop where acoustic meets electric and music meets eternal

—JACOB ACOSTA—Jacob Acosta is an international recording and performing artist based in Tucson, Arizona. He has worked with the legendary indie-producer John Vanderslice, been featured on National Public Radio, played dozens of festivals and tours across the U.S., and has released sixteen records in the genres of blues rock, indie-shoegaze, pop, deep house, progressive house, organic house, americana and folk since 2008 by his own namesake along with the groups Mason, Burning West, HYTS, Roll Acosta, and Race You There. His most popular local release is ‘Desert Sounds’ about Arizonan culture and the Southwest. His genre is called ZonaFolk as it blends elements of latin, western, rock, pop, and caribbean styles of music. The history and storytelling of his songs highlight the culture, and community of Arizona.

$15 All Ages Welcome