Leigh Ann decided to close the doors to her studio and boutique, The Yoga Tree, on May 15, 2015. Since closing, she has put all of her public yoga classes on hold and is focusing on her music as a medium for sharing her experience and knowledge. Besides providing live music performances, that include yogic theory, she's focused on working in the traditional yogic sense of private one-on-one relationships with clients (students) in-person or via Skype. She's also open to working special events, special interest contracts, and public speaking engagements. 

We are currently working on a new services menu and pricing. 

Please send any inquiries of possible services via our contact page.

Our team of professionals are open to many things...not all things...but you never know till you try!  

Special Interests include but are not limited to: 

Sensory Processing 
The Chakra System 
Respirtory  System
Soundwork / Music
Yoga Psychology for Performing Athletes 
Yoga Philosophy for Performing Athletes 
Baseball & Softball especially 
Conflict Resolution 
Motivational Speaker

These guys have incredible muscle memory, but when it comes to performing in the game, it comes down to being able to relax the physical body enough to allow the muscle memory to take over, and that comes with an awareness of the breath. The idea is to direct your mind to the present moment and to the task at hand, and that can be very challenging. Yoga provides the tools to be able to direct the mind to specific points, because it increases our awareness of things that are happening in the present.”

Leigh Ann Lesho, MLB - Seattle Mariners Yoga Instructor