Her Story


Leigh Ann Lesho has taken the road less traveled to her musical career, but it’s left her with experiences to draw on that have shaped her talents and stylings into a unique picture of a life full of interesting moments.  

From being the star pitcher of the Nebraska Cornhuskers softball team, to working on reality television shows, becoming a yoga instructor and opening a studio, and eventually finding her way to the stage, Leigh has never been one to shy away from taking on new challenges and adventures, and her music reflects that bold spirit.    

Leigh’s first solo album, 444, stands as a testament to the ever evolving sounds of Arizona music, and became an instant classic the moment of its release. From the powerful and pop driven Shadowside to the inspiring I Am, this album fires on all cylinders as a musical masterpiece. The relaxing and powerful track It Could Be Easy showcases the band’s range and talent, while showing off a voice that isn’t afraid to be used, and demands to be paid attention to.   

Musically, Leigh draws on the haunting melodies of the desert, with a voice that draws you into the story unfolding in your mind, she creates a strong folk rock sound reminiscent of legends like Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, and Joan Baez. Performing with her band, they go by the name Leigh Lesho & The Great Light and they somehow create their own unique version of classic Arizona rock sound comparable to bands such as Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. It is blending into a sound that appeals to a wide range of genres including americana, folk, rock, country, pop, blues and more. 

Leigh wrote, produced, and published her sophomore solo album , Akasha on October 10, 2018, as a storybook concept album based on the Smskrta word for the element of "space/ether". It begins with a special conversation, and then moves into a beautifully haunting cover of the 60's song This Little Bird, written by John D. Loudermilk and later made famous by Marianne Faithfull. Next, begins the journey upward through the elements, beginning with Mountain, a song dedicated to the Earth element and survival, and moves into a duet with guest vocalist Brian Lopez, called Where the Willows, and is dedicated to the relationship between Earth and Water and inspired by a story of Kwan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion. Next, is The River, dedicated to the element of Water. Hula is dedicated to the relationship between Water and Fire, and is inspired by a story of Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess. It then moves into Fire, which is of course dedicated to the element of Fire. Leigh considers The Battlefield the heart-center of this album. This story is inspired by the Bhagavad Gita and is dedicated to the relationship between Fire and Air. Choose Love is dedicated to the element of Air, Easy is dedicated to the relationship between Air and Space/Ether and is inspired by friendship and communication. Then, there's a cover of Blackbird, written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, that was originally intended to be a bonus track on the project, but Leigh was so happy with the final result and felt it was meant to the song that represented the element of Space/Ether. Next, Intertwined is dedicated to spiritual vision and what is known is commonly known these days as the "third-eye". 

As an artist, Leigh says that she is on a mission to inspire love and joy, and give a voice to those who do not otherwise have one. She is very much a believer in the power of sound and music therapy, especially with regards to autism. She has experienced firsthand the symbiotic relationship between sound, body, and mind as witness to the process of her son, Rylan finding his voice. From the time he was two-years-old, Leigh knew that their way would largely involve moving much deeper into the practices of music and movement. She closed her yoga studio (The Yoga Tree) in 2015 to devote as much time as possible to this.  She has been a devoted yoga practitioner for much of her life and holds the wisdom of yogic science as the center of her life's journey.